Adding an employee rate

From the 'Employees & Payroll' module, click on 'Employee List' and open the desired Employee Form by either clicking on the number in the 'Id' column or by double-clicking on the employee's name.


At the top of the Employee Form click on 'View'. Hold the cursor over 'Payroll' and select 'Rates'.


On the Employee Rates Form:

  • Click 'Add' to add a new rate.
  • Select the service from the drop down select list - you will see the default rates for the chosen service.
  • Double-click the 'Pay Rate' field to change the rate. This will now override the default rate for the chose service for that employee.
  • Note: you are not able to change the 'Markup %' or the 'Bill Rate' for an individual employee.


When you are finished click 'Save.

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