Who can benefit from using webTOD?

webTOD can be used by Canadian employers (and/or their accountants):

  • to calculate payroll deductions for employee paycheques.
  • to print a statement of employee earnings and deductions that can be given to the employee along with their net paycheque.
  • to check payroll deduction calculations produced by their current payroll software.
  • to calculate payroll deductions for temporary or part-time employees who the employer does not wish to set up in their existing payroll software.

webTOD can be used by Canadian employees:

  • to check their employer's calculation of payroll deductions on their payroll cheques.
  • to calculate the expected net amount of an upcoming paycheque.
  • to determine the change in total payroll deductions that would result from a change in their TD1 and/or TD1P claim amounts, or from a change in RSP/RPP deductions, etc.

webTOD can be used by Canadian payroll software developers:

  • to verify the accuracy of their software's Canadian payroll tax deduction calculations.
  • as a demonstration of the functionality and accuracy of the Canadian Payroll Tax Library (CPTL) programs, a library of Canadian payroll withholding tax calculation functions available for licensing to payroll application software developers. The CPTL programs, which are available as Windows DLL and/or Linux shared library modules, allow Canadian payroll software developers to out-source their Canadian payroll tax deduction module requirements, saving development and maintenance costs, and ensuring ongoing and up-to-date compliance with all federal and provincial payroll tax guidelines and requirements. For more information, click here.
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