What minimum information is required before I can calculate a payroll deduction?

For each type of payroll deduction calculation (Regular Salary/Pension/Bonus/Retroactive Pay/Commission), there are different required information fields that must be completed by the user before a payroll deduction calculation can be done. For all types of income except Commissions, the user must specify a Pay Period definition - i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, etc. For ALL calculations, the user must also specify the employee's 'Province of Employment', Federal TD1 - Total Claim Amount and Provincial/Territorial TD1P - Total Claim Amount. For Commission income, the user must specify additional information from the commissioned employee's federal TD1X form. Any required information for a payroll deduction calculation will be documented in the CPTL documentation included with the CPTL API/SDK package. The user must ensure that valid information is provided in these required fields before sending requests to the CPTL library method(s).

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