I think I found a bug! Who should I tell?

First, you should make sure that you can reproduce the bug - i.e. that the bug 'event' will occur consistently each time you make a call to the QPTL library with the exact same set of input parameters. If you can reproduce the bug event consistently, you should then document in detail the QPTL method and the exact set of input parameters that will consistently reproduce the 'bug'. Next, you should check the QPTL support forum to see if the bug is already known and a suggested workaround is available. If the bug you think you have discovered is not already discussed in our support forums, you can then report the bug to us - by submitting a support request on our QPTL support forum site, or sending an email to Make sure that you include all details of the QPTL method and the input data parameter values that produce the 'bug' being reported. Also, please include information about the operating system and application programming language being used to access the QPTL library. Finally, please make sure to include a full description of any error message that appeared on your screen - i.e. the 'exact' text of the error message that appeared. If you have indeed found a bug in QPTL, we will make every effort to fix it as soon as possible.

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