Adding a customer site

Note: when a new Customer is saved, a default site is created using the address information entered for that Customer. 

To edit the default site, from the 'Customer & Sales' module click on 'Customer List' and select the Customer. At the top of the Customer Form click on 'View' and select 'Sites' from the drop down menu. Select the site from the list and click 'Edit' at the top of the window. 

To open a new customer site form you can either:

1. From the 'Customer & Sales' module, click on 'Customer Job Sites List', then 'New'.




2. From the Customer Form, click on 'Actions' and select 'New Site'.


Once you have the form open:

Under the 'General' tab:

  • Select the Customer from the drop down select list (if you opened the form from the Customer's record, the Customer name will already be selected and cannot be changed).
  • Enter the name of the Site (max. 50 characters) and select the appropriate category from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the Site address (street name and number, city, country, province/state, and postal code/zip code) and contact information (name of contact, phone and fax number, and email). A valid email address should be in the format


Under the 'Requirements' tab:

  • Select 'add' and choose any required material for this site from the drop down menu


When the form is complete click on 'Save' to create the new Site, or 'Save and new' to create the current Site and load a new form to create another Site.

Required fields are labeled with an asterisk ( * ).

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