Creating a work order

To open a new work order form you can either:

1. From the 'Customers & Sales' module, click on 'New Order'.



2. From the Customer Form, click on 'Actions' and select 'New Service Order' from the drop down menu.

Once you have the form open:

  • Select the Customer and job site from the drop down menus (if you opened the form from the Customer's record, the Customer name will already be selected and cannot be changed).
  • 'Order Date/Time' will default to the current date and '00:00' .
  • Click 'Add' to add a time sheet to the work order.

    • 'Date' will default to the Work Order date. Click the calendar icon to select a different date.
    • Select the Employee from the 'worker' drop down menu.
    • Select the task performed by the Employee.
    • Enter the number of hours worked by the Employee that day.
    • Enter the rate of pay per hour.
    • Select whether the time sheet is billable or not by using the 'Bill' column select box.
    • If the time sheet is billable, enter the rate per hour to be billed to the Customer.
    • Repeat to add a time sheet for another worker to the Work Order. 
    • If the same Employee has worked more than one day in that week, 'Add Next' will add a new time sheet for that Employee and Task for the date following the previous time sheet.

When the form is complete, click 'Save'.

Required fields are labeled with an asterisk ( * ).

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