Adding an employee

From the 'Employees & Payroll' module, click on 'New Employee'.


Under the 'General' tab:

  • Enter the Employee's valid Social Insurance Number (SIN). If the SIN is not known, the default number 000 000 000 can be used.
  • Enter the Employee's first name, initial, and last name. 
  • Enter the Employee's address (street name and number, country, province/state, city, and postal code/zip code) and phone number(s).
  • Select the date of birth and gender.
  • Select employee availability.
  • Upload employee picture.

Under the 'Income' tab:

  • Click 'Add' to define hourly or salary pay.
    • Select the type of income (e.g. Regular Hours, Overtime Hours etc.).
    • Select the unit of measure for the income (e.g. Hourly, Daily, Weekly etc.).
    • Select the amount to be payed per unit (e.g. $10.00/hour, $2500.00/month etc.).
    • Select the number of hours allocated per period for salary pay (e.g. number of hours worked per month). Leave this number at 0 if the Employee is paid hourly as this will be defined by the number of hours worked.

Under the 'Deductions' tab:

  • Click 'Add' to add a new deduction.
    • Select the deduction type from the drop down menu.
    • Enter the amount to be deducted per pay period.

Under the 'Payroll' tab:

  • Select the number of pay periods per year and desired method of payment from the drop down menus. Enter the rate of vacation pay.
  • If the employee is paid by direct deposit, enter the employee's bank number, branch transit number, and account number.
  • If the employee is paid by cash card, enter the account number and click 'Activate'.

Under the 'Taxes' tab:

  • Enter the Federal TD1 total claim amount and non-indexable amount.
  • Enter any amounts for prescribed zone living deduction or additional tax deduction requested.
  • Select the appropriate province from the drop down menu under 'Provincial Tax Table'.
  • Enter the Provincial TD1P total claim amount and non-indexable amount.
  • Enter any other tax information (annual taxable income deduction, EI exemption, CPP exemption, or ITD exemption).

Under the 'Other Info' tab:

  • Select the Employee's marital status from the drop down menu and enter employee spouse's name (if applicable).
  • Enter the name and telephone number of the Employee's emergency contact.
  • Enter the employee's mobile phone number, pager number, fax number, and email. A valid email address should be in the format

When the form is complete click 'Save' to create the Employee or 'Save and new' to create the current Employee and load a new form to create another Employee.


Required fields are labeled with an asterisk ( * ).

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