Paying an employee

See also - Paying multiple employees (batch payroll)

To pay an individual employee:

From the 'Employees & Payroll' module, click on 'Employee List' and open the desired Employee Form by either clicking on the number in the 'Id' column or by double-clicking on the employee's name.


At the top of the Employee Form click on 'View'. Hold the cursor over 'Accounts' and select 'Accrued Wages'.

On the Wages Payable form:

  • Confirm the 'Payment Method' (this will default to the payment method that appears on the 'Payroll' tab of the Employee form).
  • Select the 'Payment Date' (this will default to the current date).
  • Select the 'Income' and/or 'Stat Holiday' items to be paid and any applicable 'Deductions' by checking or un-checking the box beside the items.
  • Click the 'Payroll' button at the top left corner of the window.

  • Review the Pay Cheque Form.
  • Click 'Post'.

  • If the employee is being paid by cheque, confirm the next cheque number is correct.
  • Click 'OK'.


 See also - Paying multiple employees (batch payroll)


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