Recording customer payments

To open a new payment form you can either:

1. From the 'Customer & Sales' module, click on 'New Payment'.



2. From the Customer Form, click on 'Actions' and select 'New Payment' from the drop down menu.


Once you have the form open:

  • Select the Customer and date of payment from the drop down menus (if you opened the form from the Customer's record, the Customer name will already be selected and cannot be changed).
  • Select the method of payment (e.g. Cash, Cheque, etc.)
  • Enter the amount that was paid.
  • Enter the reference number for the payment.
  • Select which invoice to apply the current payment to.
    • 'Auto Apply Payment' will automatically apply the payment to invoices until the total payment amount is used up. (e.g. If payment was for $1000.00, $921.90 would be applied to the first invoice, and the remaining $78.10 would be applied to the next invoice).
    • If no invoices are selected or if the payment amount entered is more than the open balance, the remaining amount will be posted as a 'deposit'.


Click 'Post' when finished.


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