Dispatch Module - Employee Activity

The Dispatch Module of ELF displays information that can be used by Dispatch personnel to monitor the activities and status of workers dispatched to customer job sites for a specific date.

The "Employee Activity" window lists all employees who have been assigned to a time-sheet on a customer work order, and colour-codes the time-sheets based on the time-sheet statuses: White=Open, Orange=Delivered & Green=Paid. Time-sheets that are 'Open' status do not yet have any hours reported for them, and are displayed in a white background.  Time-sheets that are 'Delivered' status have hours reported - but have not yet been paid - and are displayed with an orange background.  Time-sheets that are 'Paid' status have been paid to the employee (i.e. a payroll payment for the time-sheet hours has been posted) and are displayed with a green background. 

The Employee Activity listing will default to the current date, however you may display data for other dates by using the "Previous Day" and "Next Day" buttons at the top of the listing.  You may also manually select a date by editing the displayed date at the top of the listing (enter the desired date to display) or clicking on the calendar icon beside the displayed date to select a date from the calendar.

Clicking on the 'Show Map' button at the top right of the Employee Activity window will display a  Google map location of all employees and the customer job sites that they have been dispatched to.  See the article "Dispatch Module - Map" for more information.

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